About Halifax, Nova Scotia

The city of Halifax is part of a larger amalgamated municipal area called the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM). The combined region has a population of about 373,000. Halifax is located on the Atlantic Ocean on the south central coast of the province of Nova Scotia.

About Halifax, Nova Scotia

Halifax Information

City code HAL
Country Canada
Province Nova Scotia
Population 373,000
Pop. density 1,100 / km2
Land area 262 km2
Elevation 70 m
Currency Dollar (CAD)
Languages English
Latitude 45.51° N
Longitude 63.11° W

Nova Scotia has a rich and diverse heritage. In the 1600s and 1700s, it benefited from being close to Europe - at least by way of the sea which was the only form of travel at that time. This led Nova Scotia to be involved in much of the exploration and trade that developed between North America and Europe.

At various times, the province of Nova Scotia and the city of Halifax were under the control of both the French and the British. In many ways, it's history parallels that of New England in the United States. By 1713, the province had been claimed as a colony of England whereas areas to the west, in present day Quebec, had been won by the French.

Over the years, Nova Scotia has generally had a natural resources-based economy. Fishing was a huge industry until fishing stocks collapsed in the 1980s and 1990s. Mining has also been a significant sector - coal mining especially - but many mines have closed in recent decades. Lumber and paper plants remain important. The high technology sector has become more important as has tourism.

Halifax is located along the southcentral coast of Nova Scotia on the Atlantic Ocean. The city itself is well protected in a natural harbor. The municipality's topography spans from lush farmland in the Musquodoboit Valley to rocky and heavily forested rolling hills.

The weather in Halifax is heavily influenced by it's location along the ocean. While quite far north, it has more moderate weather than cities such as Quebec City and Montreal. Winter daily highs are in the low 30s°F. Summer are cool with daily highs in the low 70s°F. The area gets an average of 53 inches of precipitation each year.

As Cananda goes, Halifax is an 'English' city and most residents speak English. It has relatively few foreign-born residents and most of the population is of European descent, particularly English, Scottish, and Irish.

Halifax is served by Halifax Stanfield International Airport (IATA code: YHZ).

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